Case Consultation

Taking on a client who has diabetes in addition to disordered eating can be daunting. There’s not nearly enough education or resources out there to lean on for support. Let me help you help your clients achieve their goals!


Is case consultation right for me?

  • Are you currently feeling stuck with a client who is struggling with both diabetes and disordered eating?

  • Do you work with eating disorders, but have little knowledge of how diabetes plays a role in eating disorders?

  • Are you part of a treatment facility or clinic looking to develop protocols for handling clients with ED-DMT1/diabulima?

  • Do you see a lot of clients with diabetes and feel uncertain of the relationship between disordered eating and diabetes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I would love to help!


A 30 minute case consultation is best for quick questions or follow ups on cases previously reviewed. We will briefly discuss the client case, and discuss two or three specific questions you may have. Please come prepared with a list of questions or topics!


With a 60 minute case consultation, we’ll have more time to explore cases in depth and brush up on your diabetes or eating disorder knowledge! We will use our time to review client cases, discuss more complex questions you may have, and ensure you feel confident in both the diabetes and disordered eating aspects of your client’s care.


If you’re working in a treatment facility or diabetes clinic, I would love to support you in developing protocols to screen for, assess, and treat clients struggling with the combination of diabetes and disordered eating. Please reach out to me directly to discuss logistics and pricing.

Interested in Case Consultation?

Let’s chat about what would work for you!

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About Lauren

Lauren Newman, RD, LD is a registered dietitian passionate about helping individuals with diabetes make peace with food and their bodies. She works with clients all over the country who are struggling with their relationship with food or an active eating disorder. Lauren is equally as frustrated as you are that there aren’t nearly enough resources in the eating disorder community specific to individuals with diabetes, and is hoping to change that!